Somfy replacement ?

Hi im looking for a way to make somfy RTS work. After a lot of Reading is see that this is not so easy.
Soldering on remotes, making your own controller. All lost of work.
Isnt it possible to replace the rts module in the motor with a compatible module?


why don’t you use the Somfy ZRTSI controller. for more info (also do a search on the forums, many threads talked about the ZRTSI)

yes, it’s a bit expensive, but it works really well, and is expandable…

This is exactly what we manufacture; tubular motors with SMT (Silent motor Technology) and Z-Wave embedded.
We also offer drapery motors with Z-Wave embedded
Contact us

Im from europe, does the zrtsi work here? I rhought us only??

zrtsi s a bridge RTS to Z-Wave, US only,
we make European motors in 240V with built-in Z-Wave EU frequency 868MHz, see some of the range at

Does anyone have the schematics to solder fibaro switches to the telis4 remote from somfy?

Maybe this can helpyou, look at project 5 looks to be an Australian one, but ridiculously overpriced.

[quote=“mfp, post:7, topic:179735”]Maybe this can helpyou, look at project 5[/quote]
Thnx, I have seen This manual before, but I want to USD the telis4 (wich switches between 5 options) to control 4 screens seperatly.
Hopfully Someone can help?

@Jaxc Why don’t you use a Serial Somfy URTSI → USB to Serial Cable → Vera Plugin?

Detailed here:,23556.0.html

[quote=“AgileHumor, post:10, topic:179735”]@Jaxc Why don’t you use a Serial Somfy URTSI → USB to Serial Cable → Vera Plugin?

Detailed here:,23556.0.html[/quote]

Not working outside of us

@Jaxc Somfy RTS operates on Frequency: 433.42 Mhz. This is different in Europe? TS is not Z-Wave

i think Somfy RTS uses same frequency in EU and US, so the URTSI → USB should work …

The URTSI should work as you mentioned.

Also, this option could also work if your electronically inclined:,16808.0.html