Somfy Blind Interface : Choose the Serial Port for the URTSI

I have tried relentlessly to try to solve this problem to no avail. Error message in the middle top “Somfy Blind Interface : Choose the Serial Port for the URTSI” Its not even it takes away from the functionality of the blinds, I am just beyond curious as to what this error message is? The blinds work great ! aside from the fact that the up and down are switched, it works each time. Can anyone shine some light on the solution to this problem? I attached a pic of the error it gives me on the device also.

Regarding the serial communications, it uses the default 9600 baud (screenshot attached). Make sure your using a supported USB to serial converter.

Regarding the blind being reversed for up and down requires the blind motor to be reset (and then you can repair with DecoFlex wall controls…and secondary the URTSI for HA control),

Ah I see. my apologies I forgot to mention I am not using a usb to serial converter I am using a Somfy Z wave to RTS Interface. Would I still make the same changes?

No, sorry I’m not familiar. I don’t think you use that plugin at all.

The device you have is the ZRTSI (not URTSI which is serial model)

Ah, i see…so maybe the problem lies there. Vera thinks this is a usb version when it is not. Maybe there is some code that needs to be put in luup or lua (i dont know the difference) to eliminate the error message. If anyone knows anything about this please chime in thank you

PROBLEM SOLVED…if you have the ZRTSI model you do not need to install the Somfy App for URTSI, the app itself is looking for the port and the app is not needed when using the zrtsi, it just adds it as another z wave device ! :slight_smile:

Somfy loves their acronyms, but they can be confusing. The name Somfy itself is an acronym.

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