Something like VistaCam for apartment building


I’ve just read about the new VistaCam 1203 Doorbell and I wonder how something like that could be implemented in an apartment building. Maybe that would be another product idea. How about a VistaCam 1203 or so with a single bell button with the possibility of adding more bell buttons (maybe with a display that can be programmed with the families names). Existing bells would of course have to work in parallel. Could this be realised also in software? Maybe create multiple users. The admin has the Ezlo controller with the VistaCam installed locally on his IP connection and has controll of all of the z-wave functions/devices while the additional users/families has only control of the video doorbell? Would that be something for Ezlo or wouldn’t that be interesting because it is too niche product? @melih

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Already developing.

We are building the platform for it…there are ready made hardware for this though…