Some GUI Feedback

I upgraded my VeraLite3. Here are some first comments about the interface at http://[IP address]/cmh/

  • The name of devices is limited to 15 characters but it’s possible to enter more. You only find out that you entered too many when you try to save. Then you try to shorten it and each time need to count the characters. It would be better to list this limitation and also limit entries to 15 characters.

  • I have a door lock (Schlage) that shows the correct status under Home->My home view. However, when I go to My Systems->Devices it shows the status as unlocked (but it is locked).

  • It’s frankly frustrating to just find the documentation or access the device. The easiest way would be to go to, enter a user name and password and get access to your device. The biggest worry would be that micasaverde is being hacked and people get access to your device (if no address is collected then they don’t know where you are but they still can undo all your programming and unlock doors, open garage doors, etc). In any case, please provide an easier access to the device (I don’t know how I actually got there. I googled, found some link, and then signed up for an account although I think I already had an account).

  • Where do I add notifications? I want to send an email when certain events happen with the lock (wrong code entered, lock is unlocked, etc).

I like the Vera device so far. I can’t even complain to much about the documentation. But getting access to the device and finding the documentation is absolutely frustrating. I never experienced anything worse.

Oh, and I don’t only have to enter a hard to read verification code but answer an ADDITIONAL FOUR QUESTIONS!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!! Not only the GUI is user unfriendly but so is a submission to the forum.

If you have upgrade to UI6, log in via

If you are using UI6 you’ll need to go into Automation to create a scene for the time being, this is via Advanced Setting on the bottom of your Home screen.

There maybe other way but I am not on a system at the moment. There are also other apps that do this and/or send push notifications as well.

Brientim, I did go to (I first logged out because I was logged in). I am not sure where to go from there. I clicked on the menu Control->Remote Access and entered my new user account and password. This brings me to a short page that on top says “My Account”, below “Dashboard” and “Change Password”, below that “Home->MyAccount->Dashboard”, below “My Devices”, below Name=vera, Serial=…, Type=Gateway, etc.

Then I click on “Go to Local UI” and I see the GUI that I saw before. The top menu of that GUI shows Home, My System, Energy, User Profile, and Help. However, using the same login information I am still not able to log into the iPhone app. I also have issue setting up alerts. It did accept the first one but not future ones (there is no save button so I tried to navigate away from the page which seemed to save the changed but actually did not)

As per other thread for app.

For you notification is it embedded in the Trigger of the Scene. Below is some reference/guides. To get there you have to go into the Advance Setting and there should be a link in the bottom centre. It will take you through to http://Vera-IP/cmh_ui6.
There are other functions in UI6 but I have not used them.