Some devices not discovered by Alexa

I have a z-wave thermometer/hygrometer from Nexia connected to Vera.
But they do not appear under the “Manage Alexa” section of
I made sure that the name of the device doesn’t start with a “_”.
What gives?

Some devices , e.g. door locks, widow coverings, security sensors, do not work with alexa. This is because Ezlo have not updated the vera skill, but have updated the Ezlo skill.

@Newtonite you can create the Scene and trigger via Alexa skill this way.

Can you elaborate? For a thermometer, how do you create a scene?

@Newtonite Sorry if is thermometer I don’t know.

what do you want the scene to do?

I want a scene (or preferably an Alexa routine) that notifies me if the temperature in the garage is too low.
If the thermometer showed up in the Alexa app, this would have been a very simple routine.

When you say thermometer exactly what device is this ?

Thermostats can be exposed to Alexa but appears simple Temperature Sensor cannot be.

I’ve never tried this before but in the Alexa setup page on the gateway here I selected one of my temp sensors.

I then discovered devices in Alexa app and the new device has not appeared. Vera’s Alexa skill is very old and lacking.

I don’t use Alexa, however as a test I just linked the Ezlo skill in the Alexa app and selected a Temperature Sensor device. After Discovering Devices I can see my “Outdoor Temperature” device shown now in the Alexa app under the Device list.

you could install the VeraAlexa plugin, then you could have a scene or reactor send tts alert when temp falls

It’s a z-wave temperature/humidity sensor from Nexia.
I think I’m in the same situation as you. My thermostats are discovered by Alexa, but not temperature sensors. It’s too bad, because I could build some useful Alexa routines with readouts from the temperature sensor.

I have a temperature sensor in the Ezlo hub, that I now have in the Alexa app. This device is called “Outdoor Temperature”.

If I ask Alexa what is the outdoor temperature, she doesn’t tell me the current reading of this temperature sensor, instead she uses her cloud information.

Id rather have the exact outdoor temp from my own sensor read back to me.