[Solved] Workflow issues

Suddenly all of the spaces in my workflow names changed to plus signs ‘+’. Worse, all of my transitions seemed to have disappeared. The report shows some remnants of them. Is there any hope of recovery? Should I delete the workflows and try again? (And save my work more frequently.) I was editing the third workflow and suddenly this happened.

This is with openLuup. I have determined that this seems to happen when I save the workflow. If I then stop openLuup, edit the user_data.json to change the ‘+’ back into ’ ', and restart openLuup, then the workflows seem to come back to life. But it’s difficult to edit this way.

Sample pictures attached.

This is with the latest AltUI and the development version of openLuup?

It may be to do with the change to using POST requests for some AltUI actions.

The + clearly comes from URL encoding somewhere.

I think I updated about a month ago. On the plugin page in AltUI, I see 17.2.6 for openLuup, and the AltUI footer says: “AltUI v1.79.2017, ? 2017 amg0,88800000, 1.7.0”.

Should I update?

The POST update in openLuup is in v17.2.8 and thereafter. Just type development into the openLuup update box before clicking update. This should bring you up to v17.2.12.

Don’t know if this will fix the problem once it’s occurred, but let’s hope so.

I looked in openLuup/server.lua and I see that it has version “2017.02.08”. I didn’t look at all the files, but they look like they were updated. But the AltUI plugin page still shows 17.2.6. Seems like those numbers are out of synch. Where does AltUI pick up the openLuup Version? I did reload openLuup and refreshed the Chrome browser.

No, this is purely an openLuup versioning issue. The Plugin page version number is actually taken from the current openLuup plugin version (L_openLuup.lua.)

At major updates I always ensure these are synched. For development updates, I usually try to do that, but don’t always succeed. Indeed, in this case, the server.lua file is the key one that was updated.

So you are running the latest. More work to investigate, then.

OK, I have fixed (an) issue with embedded spaces. New version (17.3.3) in development branch.

I am concerned, though, that the workflow variables might remain corrupted (ie. it’s only fixed for NEW changes.)

It would be relatively easy (I think) to make a script to fix the old ones if required. Let me know.

Thanks - this fixed my issue. I can now save the workflows successfully!

I used vim to edit the user_data.json and remove the extraneous +'s. So no need for a script. Thanks again.

Oh great, that’s excellent news. Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the inconvenience!