[SOLVED] strange response to remote control

i have 2 AC lights that that i setup off of a Home Easy HE850 remote, they have been fine until today, now they don’t work randomly.
If i switch them on/off using the remote i see the button in vera turn off/on and i see the light come on but if i try to send the command from vera it does not work.
to confirm, before today these lights did work from vera, i have them in scenes etc
i have noticed that the plugin is actually missing from the list of installed apps, but the device is listed and i can access it and manage the devices etc.
i don’t really want to remove the plugin and set it up again as there are 20 devices setup on it.

seems to have solved its self, i moved the rfxcom and vera a bit closer to the middle of the house and that seems to have fixed it!!
no idea why it would have changed in the first place