Solved: setting up multiple unbridged Vera3's @ multiple sites under 1 account

This gave me quite a few headaches so I thought I would post my experience to hopefully save someone else the same (Julian at tech support was really helpful with this fix.) This worked with UI5 (Firmware: 1.5.622 worked and 1.5.2xx worked) but not sure what happens with UI6 or UI7.

My goal: multiple independent (unbridged) Vera3’s controlling different houses on different internet connections/networks in different locations.
Problem: The official Vera directions say that after creating your account and installing the first Vera, you need to attach subsequent Vera’s to the same network as the first to automatically have the Vera’s be detected and added to the same account. That was a problem, since my first Vera is in a different state and it is very inconvenient to go back there with my second Vera to add it to that network. Also (and this part is actually quite important), I tried the alternative of just creating a second account for my second Vera and this is what happened: I could only access the Vera device that was also attached to the network I was on. If I tried to use the alternate login ID/password which was appropriate for the device which was not attached to the network my computer was currently connected to, I could officially login (“Welcome, xxx” in the upper right corner), but would then would also get a message that I had “no access” to the device. [I guess this is technically true, ID#1 was not supposed to access Vera-unit#2. But I don’t know why the MIOS system didn’t realize that if I log in with ID#1 then I want to login to Vera-unit#1 (not unit#2), and the MIOS system should take me to the dashboard for Vera-unit#1 (not unit#2)?]

Solution: After you have an existing MIOS account and installed the first Vera, the second Vera you add doesn’t really have to be on the same network as the first Vera. At your second location, setup the network router so that it always assigns the same fixed IP address to your new (second) Vera (DHCP reservation). Attach your second Vera to that network. Once the second Vera is booted, use your browser to go to the IP address you assigned/reserved for that Vera (e.g. “” or whatever it is). When confronted with the login screen, login with your first Vera login credentials (username/password). Once you are logged in, it will give you a message: " The Vera system you are using is not linked to your account. Would you like to add it?" Select Yes. After the unit is added to your account, logout. Then go to and login with the same credentials. You will see your 2 Vera units listed, and you can select the one you want.

Caveats: If one Vera is UI5 and the others are different UI, not sure what will happen, but I suspect problems…

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