[Solved] Problem Half Opening with Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGRM-222)


I finally installed my FGRM-222 on my blind. its working good with command on wall, iphone, vera UI when i ask for total opening or closing (0% and 100%)

I tried many settings but i cant open the blind with pourcentage. like in a scene open 50% …

i tried this parameters :
14 - 1
10 - 0

and before :

14 - 1
10 - 1

with same results. Do you have any idea to fix this problem ?
thanks for your help.


i find the solution !

i put parameter
10 - 1
14 - 1
29 - 1 (to make new calibration)

after the blinds go down and up automaticaly. After Delete the parameter 29 and for me its working now !

Hi ChuTn3Y,

Do your Fibaro roller shutters report the right status back to Vera in the UI? ie if you set the shutter to 50%, does it actually show in the UI that its set to 50%?

I have the same setup and while the shutter does stop at 50% the UI only shows it as either open or closed… strangely enough it does show the right setting sometimes but very rarely. Do you see the same thing? im in UI 5

im working on it. try to make a calibration with parameters 29 on 1. blinds will go up and down. after that i can control pourcentage on my blinds…

Thanks ChuTn3Y, it solved my problem.

One point, just after autocalibration, setting 29 went back to initial value: 0 and 14 to 0

Now I can use %