[Solved] PLEG don't allow trigger properties to be changed


I’m not if this is by design and did not find any info about this.

I’ve noticed that I am unable to change the properties of a trigger. In the UI, it changes, but after change, UI does not reflect reality anymore.

If I have a Virtual Switch (VS) and creates a trigger in PLEG for when VS is true. It’s all fine and dandy. But if I choose to have that PLEG trigger reflect the status of a Multi Switch (MS) insted. The UI updates, but not the logics and the PLEG trigger will not act on MS changes.

This started with a GCal3 trigger that did not work. But one thing lead to another and I think I narrowed it down to this.

Does anyone know or can verify this is the case on your system as well?

My system is Vera Edge with 1.7.1707 and PLEG 7.47

You must delete a trigger and re-create a trigger.
There are bugs if you try to edit a trigger.


Is it Vera or PLEG bugs? Is it possible to fix or just a fact that needs to be considered?