[SOLVED] Pair the Lowes Iris Range Extender With Vera

[s]Just bought one to try it out with my Vera Lite. But can’t seem to get it to pair. The directions say to plug it in near the Iris hub and wait for the light to stop blinking. I’ve tried the add new device mode on the Vera but it doesn’t seem to be seeing the repeater.

Has anyone gotten this device to work with Vera yet? I searched the forums and didn’t find any definitive information.[/s]


I got it to work!

The darn thing doesn’t come with any manual but it turns out the blinking light on the front is also a button. Here is how I paired the Lowes Iris Range Extender with my Vera Lite:
Step 1: Place the Vera lite in add device mode (Devices > Add Devices > Add button to the right of “Add ZWave devices, like light switches, door locks, thermostats, etc.” > Option 1)
Step 2: plug the range extender into an outlet with a foot or two of the vera lite
Step 3: using a paper clip press and hold the green led button on the front of the range extender

The device then showed up in my vera add devices list!!


I just got the same range extender, and it did show up on my add device list (vera lite). But its not communicating with it, getting a “device failed to configure” in MIOS. What am i missing?



I saw something similar but after an overnight repair it hasn’t come back.