***SOLVED*** CO2, Noise and Pressure value is not chown


I’ve started to use this nice plugin and it work rather well but I have a problem with showing data from the CO2, noise and pressure readings from the indoor sensor.

I don’t get any values displayed in UI7 and the icons are maybe wrong two. I’ve checked, I’ve values when I look inside the sensor. Please see the attached file for further info.


The red icon indicates a startup problem…probably invalid user credentials.

To show the readings you want as separate devices, you have to specify them explicitly. Have you read the User Guide?

Interesting, the humidity and temperature sensors are updating as you see in the picture. Do I need other credentials for the others?

I’ve looked into the manual but will do it again.

Hi again,

I uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin again and kept all values with no room placement so you can se all units, please see the picture.

I installed from My Apps in Vera.

The only type of manual I’ve found when relooked is the http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,16276.0.html.


After a third uninstall of the Netatmo plugin I decided to download the plugin from the start topic at http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,16276.0.html. I sent the icons via scp into the right place for UI7. Now its working without any problem.

The fist three installs of the plugin was done via the Vera Plugin Marketplace and it didn’t work…

Exact same problems. You keep referring to a “manual”, which I would love, but can only find this (and the main Netatmo) conversation.

I’ve been to your Git site and downloaded the latest (4 days ago) files and icons. Put them in their correct folders and still get the same results as OP. Only difference is, now that I’ve installed the new files over the original App Store 18.227 version, I am no longer getting the square, colored icons - the web page is instructing the loading of no_icon.png icons <img src="skins/default/img/devices/device_states/no_icon.png" onerror="this.src='skins/default/img/devices/device_states/no_icon.png';" style="width: 60px; height: 60px;">. All of the correct values show up for all of my devices in the main Netatmo device, but none of the devices show data or icons correctly.

Thanks in advance,


Went into each of the child devices: Advanced:device_json and added ‘Metric’ - making it ‘D_NetatmoMetric.json’ (thus matching with the self-populated device file: ‘D_NetatmoMetric.xml’

After doing that, each device now shows correct icon and readings where there was only square icon and no data before.

@akbooer … Is this a bug?

Many thanks,

[quote=“Dan-n-Randy, post:7, topic:200421”][size=18pt]SOLVED!!![/size]
Went into each of the child devices: Advanced:device_json and added ‘Metric’ - making it ‘D_NetatmoMetric.json’ (thus matching with the self-populated device file: ‘D_NetatmoMetric.xml’


@akbooer … Is this a bug?[/quote]

Well, it’s a side-effect of having had an earlier version installed, I believe. If the original had been deleted, then it should install OK. Quite hard to fix, actually, being a side-effect of how child devices hang on to their attributes between reloads, but good to know of the work-around.

Thanks (also karma to the OP @Taso M who proposed the fix.)

I just downloaded (June 2019) the NetAtmo app from the App Store onto a new Veraplus. Old one bricked.

Had same issue. Adding the word “Metric” as described above repaired the problem completely.

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