[SOLVED] Arming alarm system

I have a Ademco Vista 20P alarm panel, and I’m trying to get the system to arm if my wife or I are more than a mile away (or our phones are). I’m using the iPhone locator app, and the conditions seem to be satisfied, but the system isn’t arming. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong with the action. I’m guessing it’s the state of the alarm, but I’m not sure what it should be. I want to set it to Away.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Setting a geofence for TWO phones, that would arm the system, using the native software of the vera system is not something that I believe is working at this time.

There are ways to get this done using apps.

Searching the forums will produce numerous results.

At last check Vera is aware of the issue and plans on fixing it soonish…

I’m not using the native geofencing. I’m using the iPhone locator app.

Right…on your phone. But there is an issue with the firmware on the vera. My understanding (and I could be completely wrong on this) is that you have to use third party applications outside of vera that need to be installed as apps on the vera device itself to force it to work.

These apps would work with your phone to make the change you desire.

I know I am being vague. I don’t want to mislead. If you do a search for “geofencing” a host of thread comes up that will be helpful.

I think you are misunderstanding what I am stating. I am using a third party Vera app, which is titled iPhone detector. I am not using Vera’s built in geofencing. The problem I am having is with the PLEg programming, and setting the alarm more once the conditions are met. I put the status report in a PDF on my first post.

My mistake. Apologies. I did not see the attachment via my phone and went with the written word.

Good luck. Sorry, I can’t help.

Anyone else? I’m not sure what the issue is. The conditions are being met, but I can’t get it to take any action. The status report is attached in the first post as a PDF.

Now I do not use the app you speak of but based on the condition you posted I cannot say for sure but perhaps some modification with your use of ( and )

You have

((tTimAway and tJenAway) or ((pTimDistance>1) and pJenDistance>1)) and tSystemReady

Perhaps maybe it would work if it were.

((tTimAway and tJenAway) or ((pTimDistance>1) and (pJenDistance>1))) and tSystemReady


((tTimAway and tJenAway) or (pTimDistance>1 and pJenDistance>1)) and tSystemReady

Just an idea.

Edit Just noticed your subject was marked as solved but no solution posted, how did you eventually solve the problem?

I use the iPhone locater plugin to Vera as well and have tweaked it to suit my needs. I wondering however how you’re getting the “greater than 1 mile” value. I don’t see anyway of the plugin to tell Vera that the iPhone is at any specific distance from home base.