Solved-Anyone else experiencing Microsoft TTS not working?

For the past two days I have not been able to get the Sonos to respond to the Say command on the TTS tab. It’s been working flawlessly for many months now. Nothing is wrong with the Sonos setup or the Plugin setup.

Mine worked last night around 9pm.

Maybe that explains the lack of my morning weather announcement on random days over the last week. Been meaning to investigate more.

I only have one scene that uses TTS. It fired last night at 5:00 (1700) EST.

Yeah… just tested it through the Sonos plugin. TTS worked as expected.

mine was not working, but it’s been firing the past two days. I had accidentally uploaded the UI14 file again by accident, so it stopped working. There is a checklist pinned to the top of the sonos section to troubleshoot why it’s not working.

My Mycrosoft TTS is working again this morning (1/14).