[Solved] 45609 Help - Appears to be wired correctly, but no lights

So I ordered 3 45609’s and I’m trying to install one to control 6 outside CFL’s. I have it wired and the blue led comes on, and you can hear the relay when you toggle up and down.

But it wont actually turn the lights on. Weird. The air gap switch is all the way in.

It even paired up with the Vera Lite and shows and lets me control its state. Still no lights.


I just installed my second 45609 and it works perfectly. It’s actually the first switch I tried on the previous outlet, so I know the switch is working. This new one is powering two incandescent lights.

Well, I know enough about electrical to not kill myself, but maybe not enough to not burn my house down.

It was a simple fix in the end. I had two 14/2’s coming into the box, one line, and one load. The grounds were pigtailed into the existing switch, and the neutrals were capped. I uncapped the neutrals and ran one of them to the neutral terminal on the 45609, when I should have pigtailed the neutrals to the neutral on the 45609. Once I did that it works like it should.