Solution to sonos app with TTS working

After a firmware uppdate the sonos app buttons stopped working. I was also not able to get my TTS to work.
I have now found a solution by modifying the JS file

  1. Donwload files attached
  2. Uppload the 2 files to your vera by going into develope app and luup code. Make sure to restart luup after uppload.
  3. Refresh browser
  4. Open sonos app and test that buttons now work
  5. Open TTS and select ResponsiveVoice as default, default languange en-US
  6. select responsiveVoice as engine, write som test words and press say

Thank you! That helped to get my Sonos going.
Just bought a brand new unit yesterday and already got frustrated as it seemed (for a long while) as if nothing worked.

Thank you Axling.

This also helped me very much.

First I needed to do an “Update App” on the Sonos plugin, though. Then I uploaded the two files and also the file “L_SonosTTS.lua” that someone provided in here a while ago.

Now my Vera/Sonos combo has the ability to speak to me again… ;D

Am I an idiot or where are these attached files???

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Take a look at this thread. Rigpapa has graciously fixed the Sonos TTS program.
Sonos thread