Sockets TKB V Everspring, any thoughts ?

I have a question about sock plug in modules.

I’ve got the Everspring AN145 (UK model) and apart from having to have had quite a few of them replaced they work ok and give reliable performance with Vera and I use them that often I don’t really think about them they just get on with what’s asked. I see that Vesternet also have ones branded as TKB, has anyone got any experience of these ?

Is anyone also using the dimmer versions ? If so what are they like from a noise perspective ?. Some cheaper dimmers on lights etc make a right old racket when dimming (you can hear it buzzing and whistling) are these good quality and silent or do they make a lot of noise (I ask that question for either the Everspring or TKB).

I have lots of TKBs (see device list below) - both dimmers and switches - and one Everspring dimmer.

Extremely happy with the TKBs which seem, IMHO, better made that the Everspring. Also, the LED indicator is a cool blue, rather than a rampant red - much nicer. They report status and have been extremely reliable.

Not had a noise problem with the dimmers - my only gripe is that no dimmer works effectively (apparently) for a low-wattage LED (below about 25W).

My advice would be to buy one of each and try before you go for a bulk purchase!