So... "Can't find Device" is an ugly red wart that is cosmetic ?

Sure would like to get rid of this [glow=red,2,300]Can’t find Device[/glow] message under Apps/DSC Alarm Panel. I can arm/disarm under the DSC Partition 1 just fine, get alerts, etc. - so all is well functionally the best I can tell. Does anyone know how to clear this error message? Thanks!

(Vera Plus > EVL4 > DSC 5010)

Found this - not sure if it will help,36482.msg273648.html#msg273648

thanks parkerc. I had read that post, well - not all 17 pages worth, but enough to know that Vera Control has stated it’s not a bug in UI7, but there is something wrong with the device. They have marked the issue “resolved” as far as UI7 is concerned.

There was code provided to clear the error (even improved by Cybrmage), but it is apparently only temporary and needs to be rerun as a scene repeatedly. Ugh, will just have to ignore the ugly wart on the UI7 dashboard as there doesn’t seem to be any other functionality issues with the plugin.

Was posting this query to see what others are doing to clear this error or if just ignoring it.


I had everything working fine for sveral months, then I started changing some variable to start arming from Vera.
Now I get the error detection problem in red.
Any clue on how to solver this?


In my case, this apparently bogus error message vanished on its own a few months ago without me changing anything. There was never any actual problem with the DSC plugin that I could tell. Sorry, but I have no idea what causes this error if you too in fact have everything working properly with the DSC plugin.

How long time did you have it?
Update solved it?


I had this error from the start when I first installed the plugin last summer. It went away on its own in December. There might have been an automatic update then, as otherwise, I don’t see how else this message cleared.

I changed the variable CommFailure from 1 to 0.
Seems to be working…
Fingers crossed that it will last!