Sneak Peek: Pre-production Test for our new Water Valve Hub

Click HERE to see the sneak peek video in our Youtube channel


Too bad it is not on sale, I installed a motorized valve this weekend in my house, it is controlled by a fibaro module, the status feedback is missing …
What are its characteristics ?

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Great, when we can expect the release date for EU version?

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Pipe size? and does it have a volt free contact? also what voltage is it?
Is the a spec/user manual?

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So I assume this will replace the Fortrezz water vavles as Ezlo bought out Fortrezz (as well as Vera). Will they make a valve that goes outside like Fortrezz did? I bought one that goes outside as water valves in many parts of AZ are located outside of the house. In addition, I am also curious about the electrical connection with in the Fortrezz case attached to a module inside the house that was connected via zwave to my vera plus controller. BTW, Fortrezz also sold a flow meter which at one point worked very well with SmartThings but not very well with Vera until Fortrezz paid someone to write an app for Vera two years ago that gave the flow meter rudimentary function. However, that app doesn’t work with the new Vera firmwares, so now that meter is completely unfucntional.

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Sounds nice… What features are there.

I’m currently using the popp I hope this will include flow meter

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This one…I don’t know. Of the houses I have lived in, only 1 has not had the valve in a basement/crawlspace as well as relatively far from power.

Because water ingress point + electricity = bad. Nearby power outlets should be a gfci, which are notoriously trippy. Not awesome for a controller. Adding a UPS defeats the point of the gfci.

Crawlspace are not air conditioned or heated. Will this really be good with a 0F - 110F operating range? Plus its not unheard of for water valves to leak or just collect condensation from temp differences.

the plug hub is kinda genius, this one is more mad science.

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Hi @cokeman,
Yes, Water Valve hub has flowmeter.


LOL…expect the unexpected from us!
there will be other devices in the basement that will require a controller…makes sense to put one inside the water valve.


As long as it is waterproof :slight_smile: I like the concept of the controlled valve though, now that I think about it - being able to turn off house water at the flick of a switch (or call out to Alexa) rather than having to crawl to the furthest corner of my crawl space? Nice! Combine with a few leak sensors - or somehow build in smarts to automatically detect a leak - and it could provide some nice peace-of-mind, especially when away :slight_smile:

I think my biggest concern about a device like this is “could I actually install it, or would I need to call a plumber?”

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I’ve just been get quotes to replace a stopcock in the kitchen, this would be perfect, I may just have to put the job off if its “coming soon”.

if it is installed outside it would extend the zwave network in the garden or even have a controller for the inside and one for the outside

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Hi @melih,

Is the included controller Linux or RTOS based?

Cheers Rene

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RTOS based.

Sounds nice, I think 2 will be required here.

One for water and one for central heating :slight_smile:

Whats the ETA on the valve ??

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exactly! all coming :slight_smile:)
we are building a controller with 8+relays to live in the basement!

I need two of these myself!!

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@melih: This may have been addressed already, but is the idea with many inexpensive controllers to have a controller “mesh” network?

I can definitely see advantages in separating the house processing to more points, with wifi/LAN as a connecting channel. If one could somehow have a head unit that can do some “scenes” based on all controllers’ devices, and also have some processing done on each controller… Could make a powerful setup with more than one POF…

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yes…creating a mesh network of controllers…
and you don’t need a “head unit” to do scenes…wait and see…innovation…
and each one of these can be literally hotswapped (not exactly but close :slight_smile: )

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Hi @anon37769099

I wonder if several nearby controllers are not likely to be the source of interference at the radio zwave level.

I saw a Fibaro FGRM22 registered on my Vera Edge being captured by the Atom V2 that I am testing.

I did not see an explanation of what happened.

I was registering a Fibaro FGMS 001 on Atom V2 and the FGR222 of my Vera Edge was “captured” by the Atom V2

What happened ? I don’t know !

we are not running into that problem so far.

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