SMTP-Mail SMTP-Authentication and SMTP-SSL check boxes / failed to send

just downloaded the app making sure I can configure it to work before purchasing. Got the prowl profile working but when i come to configure SMTP-Mail I cant get the SMTP-Authentication or SMTP-SSL check boxes to stick (using firefox browser). Been able to use the advanced tab to manually change the profile settings.

Tested smtp setting in thunderbird and everything works fine, however same settings in VeraAlerts does not send message

I’ve attached a report and below is (what I think is the relevant) log info

08 04/01/14 11:38:00.619 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest device: 54 service: urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 action: SendAlert <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.619 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument DeviceNum=54 <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.619 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument serviceId=urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.619 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument action=SendAlert <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.620 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument Message=test vera <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.620 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument Recipients=SMTP-Mail <0x2e676680> 08 04/01/14 11:38:00.620 JobHandler_LuaUPnP::HandleActionRequest argument rand=0.8415492460791251 <0x2e676680> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.622 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:SendAlert:Msg:test vera <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.623 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:ExpandRecipients:Checking:SMTP-Mail <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.623 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:ExpandRecipients:Adding Requested Profile <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.623 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:SendAlert:Sending to:SMTP-Mail <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.624 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:Addr:{ [1] =,[2] = ,[3] = "" ,[4] =,[5] = <>,[6] = "" <>,} <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.625 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:msgt:{ ["body"] = { [1] = { ["body"] = test vera,} ,} ,["headers"] = { ["Recipient"] = ,["subject"] = Vera Notification,["from"] = "" <>,["Recipient_eMail"] = ,["Recipient_Name"] =,["to"] = "" ,} ,} <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.628 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:Profile.Args:{ [1] = { ["Name"] = Subject,["Value"] = Vera Notification,} ,[2] = { ["Name"] = To,["Value"] =,} ,[3] = { ["Name"] = From,["Value"] =,} ,[4] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-Server,["Value"] =,} ,[5] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-Port,["Value"] = 587,} ,[6] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-UserName,["Value"] =,} ,[7] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-Password,["Value"] = xxxxxxxxxx,} ,[8] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-Authentication,["Value"] = true,} ,[9] = { ["Name"] = SMTP-SSL,["Value"] = false,} ,["SMTP-UserName"] =,["To"] =,["SMTP-Server"] =,["SMTP-Authentication"] = true,["SMTP-SSL"] = false,["SMTP-Port"] = 587,["Subject"] = Vera Notification,["From"] =,["SMTP-Password"] = 37FsE16Qe,} <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:00.629 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:smtpt:{ ["password"] = xxxxxxxxxx,["port"] = 587,["source"] = function: 0xe3ea18,["user"] =,["rcpt"] = ,["from"] = <>,["server"] =,} <0x2b0c7000> 50 04/01/14 11:38:01.180 luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:Result:1 <0x2b0c7000> 06 04/01/14 11:38:01.180 Device_Variable::m_szValue_set device: 54 service: urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 variable: LastRecipient was: SMTP-Mail_ now: SMTP-Mail #hooks: 0 upnp: 0 v:0xe1ead8/NONE duplicate:0 <0x2b0c7000> 06 04/01/14 11:38:01.215 Device_Variable::m_szValue_set device: 54 service: urn:richardgreen:serviceId:VeraAlert1 variable: LastMsgSent was: 11:12:56 Tue Apr 01 now: 11:38:01 Tue Apr 01 #hooks: 0 upnp: 0 v:0xe1f638/NONE duplicate:0 <0x2b0c7000> 04 04/01/14 11:38:01.216 <0x2b0c7000>

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’d love to be able to receive emails with camera images which is a great feature of VeraAlerts.


The log entry:

04/01/14 11:38:01.180	luup_log:54: VeraAlert:54:MailSend:Result:1 <0x2b0c7000>

Indicates the message was successfully sent.

I will look into the toggle settings … but your editing looks OK.

still having issues, seems to work okay with gmail, but cant get it to work with either talktalk or my own hosting company smtp (
unfortunately hit ‘Exceeded Max Recipients for your registration level!’ so cant test anymore unless I buy which at this stage I don’t know whether it will work for me.

wrt the check boxes I’ve got a bit more insight for you; I’ve noticed that if you have multiple smtp-mail profiles then they display correctly apart from the last profile on the lsit. I now have three smtp-mail profiles set up, gmail, talktalk and webdesco, the first two show the check boxes correctly, the last one does not.

Restart Vera … You get 10 alerts per restart.
Try deleting that profile and creating it again.

Also if you delete the plugin … and create a new plugin device … You will get 30 days free!

thanks for that.
I can confirm that I can get veraAlert to work with gmail, however I can not get it to work with talktalk. As a test to make sure I was using the correct settings I configured my joomla website to use SMTP and entered the talktalk settings: result - it sent mail successfully.
attached is a log file showing both the gmail and talktalk attempts, as you can see, both

The SMTP server is not giving an error … since the return status is 1.
Check what happens if you use the wrong password or wrong authentication type.
Maybe you can get their IT guys to look at the mail log to on their side to see why it’s now working.
I will see if there are any debug headers I can send to get a more verbose result from the mail server.

FWIW, I saw this behavior (check boxes not staying checked) after reload/refresh (with Chrome). But clearing browser cache and re-logging in to UI5 seemed to make it display correctly.


As a new user of VeraAlerts, I have some (not too scientific) feedback.

I set up an SMTP profile, but my local mail server logs showed that the Vera3 was trying to send SSL SMTP although I had un-ticked the box. I went in to the advanced settings, and corrected the SSL and AUTH settings there, to no effect.

I then added a syslog profile, which worked nicely.

Subsequently, I rebooted the Vera, and the syslog profile disappeared, but the SMTP one started working (the SMTP stream was no longer using SSL).

I have re-added the syslog profile, and everything is happy. Both SMTP and syslog alerts are now working, and survive reboots.

As I mentioned at the top, I wasn’t keeping notes, so my experience is somewhat anecdotal, but it may give a few clues to others.


It almost sounds like you were not letting vera save the changes. Did you click the red save button in vera when making the changes?

  • Garrett

I think I pressed the red save button, but you may be right… as I mentioned, I wasn’t keeping notes.

I also got an issue last week where I was trying to enable SSL/Authentication. It even started creating a fake SMTP profile (with # incrementing) when I clicked Accept.

I did a few reloads, but there may be an issue with Chrome and SSL/Authentication checkboxes.

I will look at this again as I do the ui7 update.

Thanks Richard!

PS-Just noticed you had 5000 posts. Congrats!