SMTP-Mail custom subject


Getting my feet wet with VeraAlerts and already love how much more compact they are compared to the default Vera notifications!

Running into a few questions I can’t seem to find answers for here or the VeraAlerts page:

  1. Most of my notifications are short and I’d like them to appear as the subject line for my SMTP-Mail notifications. I’ve tried setting up the Subject field in my SMTP-Mail profile to ‘[tt]{Description}[/tt]’ and confirmed it’s reflected in the advanced tabs profile stuff. But when I get an alert, the email subject is literally the text ‘[tt]{Description}[/tt]’, not being replaced with a description of the notification.

I’d prefer a global solution to having to override the subject for every notification. Is there a way to construct a default Subject line in the SMTP-Mail profile that has template/tokens in it?

  1. On that topic, when I do want to override the subject for a notification, how do I include a template token in the subject of message override? For example, I set my message override for a notification to ‘[tt]{Description} {Subject={Device} On}[/tt]’

The received subject line I see is literally ‘[tt]{Device} On[/tt]’ instead of ‘[tt]49 On[/tt]’. Is there a way to include template/tokens in a message overrides Subject token?

  1. On the From header for an emailed notification, I want my email client to show a name, not just an email address. In most email programs (and SMTP specs), the way you do this is a name with the email address in angle brackets. Like “My House” (no quotes). Most email clients will then show just ‘My House’ in the From field (though the entire thing is there if you look at the headers).

When I enter that into the SMTP-Mail profile as the From line, I receive email that looks like (from the header of the message):

[tt]From: “My House[/tt]

So it’s combining the name and email address as the name (and then sort of doubling down on the email address). Is there a way to specify the name and email address in the SMTP-Mail profile From line?

Thanks so much – already purchased a 2 profile license and once I get this all ironed out, may be adding another one for pushover notifications too.


You are pushing the limits of what I have done for SMTP profile.
I do not currently do template expansion on the Subject field. I can add that.
I will many of the issues on the request list.

I appreciate all you can do. I think begin able to use tokens/tabs on a profile Subject line will get me most of the way.

Is there a place where I can set/tailor the default template tokens used to format the message body (the actual content of the email)? I know I could override each alert, but I’m really looking just to globally reformat the mailed message and include a few more items.

Finally, I know there is a token for device number ({DeviceID}) and a method to access device name/description if I have the device number ({Device[19].description}), but is there a generic way to reference the device name in a template? Specifically, a template that is used for many messages, so it can’t have an embedded device id (i.e. something “like” {Device[{DeviceID}].description}?



I will have to see what context I have available … I can make enhancements in this area.

Hi Richard, Just curious if there has been any progress on this topic. I’ve noticed that the Vera UI is now able to include custom subject information, and I’ve been hoping that VeraAlerts might also be able to soon, if not already.