SMS Notification?

From the EZLogic MeshBot actions, you can choose an action type of “Notification”, and from there you can choose email or push notification.

Is there/will there be any method of sending SMS notifications, other than setting up a user with an e-mail to SMS gateway e-mail address? For example, can any of the NuCAL integrations send SMS?

Why you want to use SMS ?

Personally I’d use Telegram messenger, rather than Ezlo’s own Push notifications to their Vera app.

As to me it seems they are one off temporary notifications, that don’t seem to get stored anywhere for a long term history etc.

Where as in Telegram I have a history log of all the notifications my rules have initiated.

Because out of all the various notification options, they are the most likely to get noticed. Emails can get filtered to spam, or just missed in the deluge of e-mails that I get every day. Push notifications are a bit better, but I frequently miss those as well, and they only notify once (although they remain on screen/in the message center until I acknowledge them). Plus, as you mentioned they are one off temporary notifications that are (apparently at least) not stored.

SMS on the other hand, is significantly better because:

  • It notifies me both on my phone and my computer
  • Custom ring tones can be set per user, so I can do things like set notifications from Ezlo to have a more aggressive ringtone (assuming, of course, that the notifications from Ezlo are coming in over a unique address)
  • If I don’t acknowledge the SMS, my phone will alert me again after two minutes, and once more after another two minutes.
  • I can easily scroll back through my SMS history to see when something happened.

As such, it is much more likely that I will receive and be aware of a SMS promptly than for any other communications channel (other than a phone call), so I would like to be able to use it for high-priority notifications such as “Garage door left open” or “Doorbell ring” Even better, if I get both a SMS and a push notification, that really gets my attention!

I haven’t tried Telegram. Worth a shot I suppose! :slight_smile:

Ezlo as yet and I am not sure if they will? Haven’t fully integrated Telegram in to their rules engine like it is with MSR.

However you can send http requests in your Meshbot rules action to create Telegram notifications.

They wrote this help page.

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I can work with that. We’ll see how it goes. Would be nice to not have to add one more app though, by just using SMS. Which reminds me of another benefit to SMS: It’s built-in. No additional apps, accounts, setup etc needed - it just works.

we will add new “channels” of notification…
NuCAL will also help with that.

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