SMS alternatives from Vera Controller

I used to get SMS notifications from my Vera notifications, however I just recently reset my controller to default and have now lost that feature. According to Vera support, I am no longer elligible for that feature anymore. This is a huge incovienience as I used to rely on these SMS notifications as I have my system configured as a Security System and would get notified when there was a breach.

Is there something else that I can do to get this feature? I downloaded the Vera Alerts plugin, however I find it complicated to program. Are there any other alternatives out there that can acheive what I am trying to do here?

Well, there is the Telegram Plug-in, but it is fairly complicate4d as well.

I tried to generate a SMS Text by creating a rule in Outlook that forwards the notification email to my phone carriers SMS gateway, however it does not work well with Forwarded messages for some reason.

The only other option that I can come up with is to use Vera Mobile to generate push notifications. Guess this will have to do.

I also use the Telegram Messenger app with my Vera for SMS like push notifications, works well once setup.

If you want to add a little Lua code to your scenes you can try the idea discussed here: Push Notification plugin stopped working on Vera Plus - #6 by RLKinMD

It allows you to customize your notifications in many ways, for example, you specify the title, the message content, the destination (your mobile or anyone else), and even the sound that plays on your mobile when receiving the notification. It requires you set up a free account with Pushover an have that app on your mobile.