smoke detector as a regular alarm?


I would like to have both smoke detectors and motion detector alarms in my apartment. I noticed this product :

Do you know if it is possible to use this device either as a normal smoke detector, but also as an alarm (i.e. if system is armed and motion detected, the smoke detector siren goes on as if there was smoke)?

would be great not to have two siren side by side…


You may want to consider integrating a real alarm system with vera, and setting up smoke detectors also as part of that system. The advantage here is it will work independently of vera in case the old girl is down and your family is happily asleep with a raging fire occurring! Yes its a little bit more expensive, but it depends on what price you put on safety and life etc!?

that’s true, but if i read correctly this smoke detector will goes on if there is smoke, whether vera is up or down does not matters. They advertise that thanks to vera you can add sms, emails, or even pictures via an IP camera that could be sent to you when smoke is detected.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for, so on that side I think it’s pretty safe compared to the “stupid” smoke detectors I have now.

Next to this I would also like to have a “regular” alarm system which is pretty straightforward : when armed, if motion is detected light goes on, IP camera start broadcasting the image of my appartment and “something” make a “bip” for 5-10 seconds. If within 30 seconds the system is not disarmed (via a custom made web page accessible on any iphone, ipad, computer, etc…), then the “something’ siren” goes on and my phone rings.

Therefore if the smoke detectors (there will be three of them) could act as an alarm in this case, it would be convenient, cheaper, on more nice than having a big siren box at the entrance…