Smoke & CO detector

Hi, are there any z-wave Smoke/CO detectors out compatible with Vera2? I have looked at the Everspring available from the netherlands

But no info whether or not it works with Vera2, and it also does not include a CO sensor.

If there are no Smoke/CO sensors available yet (makes me wonder if ever), does anyone have any ideas on how to tap into or use an off the shelf zwave device (lamp switch for example) to wire into an existing smoke/co2 sensor (alarm speaker or ?) to trigger an event when the alarm goes off?

I don’t think you can use a lamp module, but you might get away with a Zwave door/window sensor (wired using its external trigger) connected to something else like conventionally wired alarm, smoke/CO2 sensor from an alarm system. I think the better approach is to actually have an alarm system interfaced with Vera and use its sensors to send events to Vera.

There are various posts around about Alarm integration, but if you went with a Paradox or DSC system then this should get you what you want, and have been successfully integrated into Vera by others.