SmartThings (possibly) to be acquired by Samsung

What does this mean for the future for home automation, and where does it leave vera? With Google/Nest combo, Apple announcements, and now this, the HA market is going to be interesting.

Considering the Apple <> Samsung animosity and Samsungs intention to fork Android into Samdroid, this would fit right into their strategy. Especially since the smart phone market is becoming saturated. Samsung has the market presence to make this work. For them it’s a piece of cake to start making anything from their air conditioners to A/V equipment smart things compatible in some way or form with the new higher end models.

Unfortunately if they decide to go proprietary, none of this would benefit anyone out there with an existing HA setup. However, if they conform to one of the existing standards and release an API, it woudl greatly help their market penetration and also help vera and other platforms with plugins for that Samsung equipment.

Vera had a large part of the HA market but with all these large players entering the market, I’m starting more and more to worry about the platform fading into obscurity. About the only player left that hasn’t made a purchase is Microsoft. I Know they had an internal project a little while ago for HA called HomeOS ( One of the platforms it was tested with it Zwave.