smartSwitch plugin / openLuup / veraplus/edge

Hey guys…

Running into some trouble… On my VeraEdge I only have Z-wave devices and some plugins like DSC and Nest.

I’m using openLuup to handle 99% of my scenes and others “virtual” devices I need!

The only virtual devices on my VeraPlus it’s from the plugin smartSwitch, but it’s the 3rd time I open a case with Vera about using with VeraPlus (veraEdge before) and each time, they told me that smartSwitch plugin is giving a hard time to the vera device.

Am I the only one still using smartSwitch plugin or you are doing the same thing in openLuup with something else ?

Need some advice here to maybe be able to remove this plugin…

I don’t have the smart switch plugin, but I’ve been experimenting a bit with something similar using the workflows in AltUI on top of openLuup. See the attached diagram. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to tell if a switch is turned on when the light is already on (to cover the case where you want it to stay on for a period of time instead of going off when the motion ends). Akbooer gave me a tip on this a while back but I haven’t tried it yet. This diagram doesn’t show the timers, but I use a timer to end the forced off state. Very easy to do with the workflows. Some of amg0’s examples of workflows are very good too. See them in the AltUI section.