Smart Virtual Thermostat - Update for ui7

I am not sure if the original developer plans to update the SmartVT Plugin…
But in the meantime I amended the .json file to fix the lack of Current Temp and the french wording…
hope its of use to others.

Just upload the .json file to your controller and refresh/reload

Thanks! This will be useful.

just tried installing the virtual thermostat and uploaded your modified json file. but veraEdge is reporting ‘Smart Virtual Thermostat : Bad parameters’

Any ideas?

Actually what I’m looking for is a simple virtual thermostat that give me the ability to select a setpoint temperature as a comparison to the outside temperature in order to turn on the heating control (I currently have the setpoint hard coded but would like this to be adjustable via the phone app if necessary).

The bad parameters means you’ve not set up the settings…

Set your indoor temps and switches etc

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Could somebody give help to set up parameters of Smart VT for dummies?
It looks like the “device_type” (urn:antor-fr:device:HVAC_ZoneThermostat:1) is not ok.


Is it somehow possible to modify this to use 0.5 decimal accuracy when controlling from buttons “+” and “-” ?
Seems to work when inserting value manually.

Hi Webdesco,
Did you found the way to set up the VT?

For set up the parameters check:,13520.0.html