Smart start pairing issue

When I use the smart start to include z wave devices I had one out of three enbrighten light switches say it was done pairing but do not see it on my devise list all others seem to be fine. I tried to repair thinking it did not take but it says its there ( but can not see it) How do I find it or delete it and restart.

Hello @jgalu,
When using the Smart Start feature, the devices pending to pair will appear under “Menu” → “Settings” → “Smart Start Devices.” Once they are successfully included, they will move to the “Devices” tab.
You can go to this tab and remove the devices by tapping the trash can icon if the pairing process was not successful. Then, you can try again.


Smart Start never works, all it does is show the device as pending. What is wrong with it? How long should it take to show up as an added device?

Hello @ryantatum20,
Please make sure to have the device as close to the controller as possible during the pairing process. For battery-operated devices, you may need to wake it up so it reports to the controller. If you keep having trouble with a specific device, feel free to let us know at
Kind regards!

Hi @jgalu ,

We’ve been informed that there shouldn’t be any issues with Smart Start. If you still having this issue, please create a help desk ticket and send us the below details so, we’ll try to replicate it.

  • what hub do you use - firmware version & model number
  • the model number of the Engbrigthen switches you’re trying to pair

I also have Smart Start issue and have tried just about every setting I can find. I think it’s because some devices aren’t “defined” yet. I have tried with several smart start switches (purchased recently, so not ol devices) one is close to controller it start pairing, I can name it but than never actually gets into device list it remains “pending”. I tried adding as standard Z-Wave device, it goes into devices but I can only turn off after manually turning on. So controller sees device, but doesn’t have command structure to control it properly.

Using the smart start never works, like you, the device stays in pending status. If it worked, it would be great. Now I avoid it and add devices manually…

Smart Start isn’t so smart. Been on the phone over an hour trying to get a device added. No luck. So I tried Smart Start, device has been in the pending status for over 20 mins. This still does not work!!