Smart Power Strips

I’m looking for a smart power strip with at least 4 individually controlled sockets I can use to reset my modem, router, network switch, etc… periodically while I’m asleep. The only zwave power strips I’ve found look to be unavailable for purchase. I am finding quite a few wifi power strips ( one of many examples: [url=][/url]) on Amazon that work with Alexa of Google Assistant. Does anyone know if it would be possible to control the the sockets using veraplus and a custom script?

Thanks in advance!

I think most efficient way will be couple of wall plug switches. Most modern ones is small enough to be put one after another in a powerstrip.
If you buy via service like aliexpress or gearbest it might have price/utility ratio than smart powerstrip. And it will be more flexible

I use the Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Strip ZEN20 and it works great. I see that is also not currently available on Amazon.

Thank you both. I saw the Zooz earlier too and didn’t see it available anywhere either. I’ll look into the individual outlets. I hadn’t thought about that route. There might be a way to communicate with the wifi power strip since it was inexpensive.