Smart Meter using Zigbee

Just sharing the fact that my local power company is deploying smart meters (on a trial basis). I signed up and got one installed yesterday. With the meter, they give homeowners a small LCD display to monitor power usage, in the same way (only FAR less sophisticated) as TED-5000. FYI, the display shows electricity in kW (e.g. “0.6 kW”), so it’s impossible to calculate exactly how many watts a particular light or device is using. For that, I’ll continue relying on my Kill-A-Watt.

Naturally, the stand-alone handheld display – which communicates with the outdoor meter via Zigbee wireless – does not offer any data ports for connecting to, say, a PC or Vera controller. Its firmware was designed by HAI, a company I greatly respect.

If only Vera could be made to communicate with my Smart Meter somehow. I understand (from earlier forum posts) that this is extremely unlikely, based on the sheer number of Zigbee stack “flavors” in the wild, and the assumption that the utility company doesn’t exactly broadcast “raw” data over-the-air.

Whether my present situation warrants NOT buying a TED-5000 remains to be seen. I’d sure like more “granularity of data” on the remote display, but the darn thing’s obviously engineered for the average person, not a home automation freak like me. :slight_smile:

If only Vera could be made to communicate with my Smart Meter somehow
I have a call into my rep to see if there are other means of accessing the data. I'll let you know what he says.

My meter has been installed for 6 months, but we were told at the time of install that we would not have access to the data until the entire local grid had smart meters installed.

Yesterday I received an email from FPL that our grid was complete and I could now view my data on their site.
Our lower limit in hourly view is a minimum of 1KW.


PG&E is starting a limited trial of ZigBee access (500, then 5000 customers) to the 2nd ZigBee (HAN) that’s inside the Power meter.

The trial would give you access to the ZigBee radio and would need a compatible ZigBee radio as there are apparently loads of incompatibilities between the various vendors. In talking to one of the lads who engineered some of this stuff, it would be real-time access.

We’ve had the Smart(?)Meter for 3yrs now, so it would be great to have access to what they see, and be able to compare it against what I measure… without waiting days for it to aggregate to their site (powered by OPower)