Slow refresh rate on Hikvision cameras?

Not sure why but, the refresh rate on Authomation for my cameras are approximately 3 seconds. I’m unsure if this is an authomation or vera issue. Any insight?

This is a vera issue as I am pulling the image from Vera and not directly from the camera. With this in mind, you are limited to only a frame or two a second.

  • Garrett

Thanks, I did not know this was a vera issue. Do you happen to know if there is a workaround?

The ability to view your security cam video via Vera is a novelty feature - it works, but it has limitations. If you want to view your security cam video at a higher frame rate and/or view multiple cam feeds at the same time, you need to set up remote access directly to the camera rather than going through Vera.

Vera is not powerful enough to be a DVR or good video veiwer. It has never been or will be a great camera viewer. You can get free or cheap apps for your mobile device that will stream your cameras directly as fast as your mobile connection can handle. People put the cameras in VERA just because they want an all in one device. It might do it all but it does it half way, verses having a dedicated setup for cameras and leaving only the home automation to the home automation controller.

I guess the next request is Automation to direct stream camera feed? Is that even possible?

No and if you read Authomation is no longer being updated. The creater has moved on and has a lack of time to continue to support it. So where its at now is where it is stating. He gives more details on this is a specific thread In this section.

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