Skylight blinds (Velux) can be controlled via Z-wave?

Morning all… Doing a remodel and putting in two Velux skylights with blinds (solar powered), they come w/ a remote, but wondering if there is a way to control via z-wave? any thoughts?

I believe that it can be done using a Fibaro Relay, see Controling Velux Windows With Fibaro | The world that is k2aab. I’ve not tried it yet but it looks pretty good. My Velux skylights will be installed in the next month or so - I’ll try it after that.

PS. I’ve just realized you’re trying to control the blinds not the skylights themselves so the above might not be much help. Sorry!

Looks like you can control both the blinds and the window using Fibaro. now things have gotten interesting…


I just ordered three Bali roller shades with the AutoView motorization from HomeDepot. I stumbled onto this thread and some of the automation companies (Decorview / Somfy) after I placed my order, but after reading through here it seems like I may be able to order some of the Somfy products separately and they will be able to connect with my AutoView motors so can take advantage of automation. Is it as simple as that, or are there any tricks I should learn from this group of experts?


I have Velux blinds and windows and are looking into this also. I’ve actually talked with Velux about this. One problem with this is as I’ve understood it is that the KLF 100 can only control one thing. Iow, One KLF 100 can only control one set of blinds or just one window. So, if one have four windows with four blinds, one need 8 KLF 100 boxes. And they are damn expensive.

I have seen rumors about a io.homecontrol (which Velux use) to IP gateway in making by Velux. See: Io-homecontrol / velux - something's in the bush - Bindings - openHAB Community

I’ve seen a few threads about a mythical io.homecontrol gateway but no one seems to be able to get any details.

For now I think we’ve stuck with the Fibaro relay solution. As you note, the biggest issue with this solution is the considerable cost of the KLF100 units.

I’ve got 2 Velux skylights with a blind on each. I elected to go with two KLF100s to control of the skylights and nothing for the blinds. (Although I suspect that I could also use one KLF100 for both skyights and the other for both blinds.)

I’ve not tried to implement the Fibaro relay solution yet but will give it a go in the next few months.

In retrospect, I probably should have gone for Fakro motors (native z-wave control) instead of Velux. I’ve got 6 Fakros on other windows and they work fine. Sigh.

Hi Guys,
Real quick question. Can motorised blinds be controlled manually with the chain? or would i have to install switches next to the blind to always control them motorised

thanks in advance

True motorised blinds (ie, blinds that have a motor built into the roller) need to be controlled by a switch or a remote control.

There are some aftermarket motors that you can use to drive the chain on manual blinds, but I’ve never looked into this. See,39145.0.html

I am new to this all the way around. Forgive me if I jump in feet first.

I am doing a garage renovation and making it into a workshop. I have installed two Velux skylights with remote control solar shades.
There is a touchpad remote that can control multiples and each independently.

Velux says that their products are radio and aren’t Z-Wave compatible.

I have also added four picture windows in the gable facing the house. I have ordered Bali motorized shades that are Z-wave compatible.

For what it is worth, so far I have a Trane Comfortlink II 950 thermostat, a Nexia bridge, a Schlage lighting dimmer module, and lots of questions.

If anyone has helpful ideas or information I am hoping to add a HVAC Mini-Split in wall system, a Z-Wave 2in1 Kidde Smoke/CO2 detector, decent lighting, and outdoor lighting as well.

Velux uses io-homecontrol as their protocol. Its a closed protocol and not compatible with z-wave (or Vera). So fare there have been only very hacky solutions to bridge Velux windows and blinds with a z-wave network.

Though; Velux have recently released a gateway named KLF-200 which makes it much easier (and cheaper) to controll Velux products from different smarthouse systems. It has recently been released I have put in an order for the KLF-200 so I am waiting in excitement for this device since I’ve got four Velux windows and blinds I would like to control.

See under KLF 200 here:

The price is awful though - if it wasn’t proprietary you could run it on a Raspberry Pi Zero which costs ?5, maybe ?20 if you throw in a box and PSU.

As a consumer I would also prefer if Velux used an open(-ish) protocol. But the KLF-200 is ~300 EUR. Taking into account that my four Velux windows and blinds plus installation costs ~12000 Euro it is not a super expensive addition.

I’m controlling my velux skylight window covers via a double relay, and the wlf 111 interface module. It works well for triggering open and close (momentary opening of the ‘up’ or ‘down’ relay).

I can stop the blind by simultaneously closing both relays.

Now the challenge: the above results in a jumble of switches or scenes that don’t resemble a window cover in the vera ui. I have created a virtual window cover device, with the intention of hiding the physical switches from the gui, and mapping the window cover buttons/actions onto scenes (for open, close, stop). But I can’t see the stop button exposed as a scene trigger in Vera?

Any ideas?

With the Velux KLF 200 I am now controlling my Velux windows and curtains with Qubino flush shutters. I am fully able to operate the windows from my z-wave network as they where native z-wave windows / curtains. The UI in Vera give me window / curtain controllers (not just on/off buttons as with the Relay solution) which operate the Velux windows and curtains as expected. No plugins or scene mangling to open windows / curtains partially.

I’ll do a write up of my setup pretty soon.


I have VELUX (10x windows and 8x blinds), now connected via 4x KUX110 + controlled via KLR200 touchscreen remote control.

However, since I have also VERA Plus Z-Wave controller, I want to integrate & control VELUX via Smartphone VERA App / VERA UI.

Is there any VERA Plus compatible gateway/bridge available on the market, that can be used for this?

Thanks in advance


Yes you can. Your probably looking at the Velux KLF 200. I’ve just done so. I’ll try to do a write up of my setup this weekend.

Wow. The KLF200 looks great. Much better than hacking a KLF100. @trygve, it would be great to get a write up! :slight_smile:

A few questions:

[ul][li]It looks like the KLF200 can (i) wirelessly identify and control a number of Velux devices (at least 5, maybe more) and (ii) store macros relating to those devices. I’ve read on-line that a separate macro is needed for each desired device state, eg window@100% (ie, fully open), window@50%, window@0% (ie fully closed). However, you seem to using a shutter module connected to the KLF200’s dry inputs to control the Velux devices without these macros. Is that correct? And, the device appears as a ‘window covering’ in the Vera UI?[/li]
[li]How many Velux devices are you controlling? How many shutter modules did it require to do this?[/li]
[li]Did you create any macros at all? How did you create them? I read that you need to ‘record’ them using a separate remote control.[/li]

[li]I see that the KLF200 has a LAN port as well as 10 dry contact inputs. Do you know if IP control is possible? (This would require a plugin to be written of course.) Or does control have to come via a shutter or relay module attached to the dry contacts?[/li][/ul]

Here are a few links to reference documents and technical discussions (mostly over my head but might help others following this thread!):

[ul][li] reference documents: and[/li]
[li] techical discussions: Io-homecontrol / velux - something's in the bush - #32 by erlendri - Bindings - openHAB Community, klf-200-api - npm, GitHub - Julius2342/pyvlx: PyVLX - controling VELUX windows with Python via KLF 200 [/li][/ul]

Hi trygve,

Did you ever do the writeup of your setup with the Velux KLF 200 and z-wave devices?

I’m looking at doing the same for my 4 Velux windows and blinds - I can see the KLF 200 with allow external controls but it’s not clear what type of z wave device (e.g. relay/blind controller).

It would be really helpful to get more info please.

Bump. Would love that write up as well!