SiteSensor Monitor

Hello Everyone -
I have a SiteSensor that hits an API for my Weather Station. Among the normal weather parameters, I get a date/time stamp (below). I’d like to use this information to monitor when my station goes down or is having issues. Example: No new data in xx minutes.

Here’s the return string: 2021-03-04T11:21:54Z

Is there a way to parse this to do what I’m trying to do?


Probably the easiest way is without parsing, use condition where you check weather data ”changes from (any) to (any)” together with delay reset

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That’s a great idea! Weather is always changing! Let me check in to that.

If you use a ”NOT OR” group with multiple weather values, you’ll get more reliability and can use shorter delay reset values

Thats exactly what I did. Even more, I was able to use that timestamp value above as well. It doesn’t change unless a successful call is made.

Thanks for your quick feedback. I’ve been struggling to keep Weewx stable (mostly because of USB interfaces). This will help me detect when the station goes “down”.