Siren turns off after a minute

Well disable Pleg as a test. Then manually turn on the siren pressing the on button on the device, if the siren stays on for more than 1 minute then OK?
Then you know something is not quite right with your pleg setup.

As you are updating things maybe consider using Reactor plugin for Vera instead of Pleg.

Or even better Multi System Reactor (MSR) which is the current 3rd party logic engine for both Vera and Ezlo hubs and others.

MSR needs to run on a separate box though unlike the Reactor plugin which can run on the Vera hub itself.

Dont get me wrong Pleg is good if you know what you are doing with it and it served me well for years but Reactor and MSR are streets ahead in a totally different league.

If you need help with pleg if I can remember, you’ll have to post screen shots of any related pleg triggers / conditions / actions etc to do with the siren.

Well did some more testing today, still turns off after 1 min. I turned off PLEG, and disabled all Door/Window Sensors and Motion Sensors in My Modes in all modes. Turned on the Siren manually and still turns off after a min. Still waiting on Everspring to come up with an answer, however does look like the Vera Controller is turning it off automatically because the message “Success. Transmit was ok” appears below the Siren graphic after it turns it off.

OMG, I finally figured it out. In the Siren advanced tab under Variables, there is a AutoTurnOff variable that was set to 60 Sec. Changed it to 0 and all is good…I cant beleive that it was so simple.


Wow good spot! I didnt even think of that or remember me having to do that also. Possibly I did? but it was years ago I added and setup that siren.