Sinope Zigbee Thermostat - TH1300ZB Temperature sensor


I’ve installed several Sinope Heated Floor Zigbee thermostats (model TH1300ZB) and it works great on my VeraPlus. However, I notice that many of the temperature sensors corresponding to the thermostats do not seem to be updated. Is there a command to force this update on Zigbee thermostat ?

I even tried to remove and reinstall the thermostat and now the temperature sensor is empty. The variable “Current Temperature” was not even generated in the corresponding device, unlike other devices.

Should I consider a reset of the ZigBee network and if so, what does it involve? (regenerate all my Zigbee devices)?

Try manually forcing a configuration of the device by hitting the configure now button from the command menu first.

I have no control option (no button) on the control tab of the temperature sensor device, nor the thermostat device.

I have 2 types of ZigBee devices on my network and neither has any command options ! :unamused:

Huh, my bad. You are right, you can’t do that on zigbee devices. I was just reading up this device. Interesting that the flyer I found was in english for a quebec company.
If you have very few devices, you may reset the network but I would first try to exclude/include. From your description, I get the sense that you have failures because the network is weak. Zigbee on the vera has a very weak signal and you need to build out a strong mesh for it to be reliable. Try adding a zigbee plug for example very close to the vera. If your 2.4GHz is very busy, you may need to change the channel you have set your zigbee on.

I use the Iris smart plug as a way to build out my Zigbee network. They are very powerful as the range on them is better than any other products in my house. I think they are available on Amazon but the price has gone up quite a bit. I bought mine for $50CAD but now I see them listed for $70CAD. Maybe you can find them somewhere else, or maybe the Centralite version (same plug) is available somewhere.

I See Stelpro has bought a bunch and rebranded them. SMREPETZB Stelpro Zigbee Repeater - Aartech Canada

Still very expensive for what they do.

Hello Firefrog, did you get it to work? I’m trying to confirm that the Sinope Heated Floor Thermostats do work with Vera before I get a bunch of them. Thanks for your help

I can confirm that Sinope Heated Floor Thermostat (TH1300ZB) works well on my Vera Plus.