SimpleWave for Vera - Plans to Discontinue

We want to thank everyone who provided their enthusiasm and valuable feedback over the past few years. We are very proud our contributions including our simple design, multi-locations, @Home, offline notifications and Nest integration, to name a few.

Effective today, SimpleWave will be making the following changes.

  1. New Trial & Premiere Subscribers - no longer available in the App Store
  2. Current Premier Subscribers - support thru current subscription period

We will continue to monitor the forums to answer any questions that might arise. As always, you can reach us at Thanks again to everyone.


And there goes another. What happened?

No more SimpleWave?? Why?! What happened?.. Can’t existing users at least continue to receive premium features such as alert messages??

Ugh… this is not cool…

Premium subscribers will continue to receive premium features, including notifications, for the duration of their subscription period. We will no longer offer premium service or app downloads going forward as mentioned in the announcement.

We’re no longer able to dedicate the time we feel is required to maintain the high standards we’ve set for the app.

Didn’t know this existed. Looks nice. Sorry to see it go. If you are not going to do anything with it, please consider making it open source or free closed source

This is just really frustrating because out of all the z-wave controller apps out there SimpleWave had the most unique and functional user interface. So there’s no chance of making SimpleWave open source or at least keeping it available in its current state for free.

Are there even any other z-wave apps that have built-in alerts like is available to SimpleWave premium subscribers??

I’ll host a server if you all need help with that. Why not go open source? The community can work on it and you guys still get listed in the credit. I loved the app and would hate to see all that work just get kicked to the side.

Not only the notifications but it was much more responsive than the Vera iOS app. Thanks for all the effort you put on this.

Vera to IOS application = 0 :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

Veramate : Dead
Ivera : Dead
HomeWave: Dead
Vera Mobile (Vera’s app) : POOR
Support to Apple Watch : 0

What’s NEXT?
Vera is on the edge of the gap