SimpleWave for Vera 1.0.5 - Now includes GeoScenes

We’re happy to announce the release of SimpleWave 1.0.5 which is available in the AppStore now.

This is the first in a series of substantial updates expected in the coming months, all building on the refined aesthetic which makes it easier for you to get the most from your Vera System. Here is what’s inside:

GeoScenes (Premium Feature)

  • GeoScenes will link location services to your Vera Scenes
  • Set your “HOME” location / Select your Scene(s)
  • GeoScenes automatically runs “when leaving home” OR “when arriving home”
  • Background / Remote Notifications fully supported
  • Keep your iPhone in your pocket and let SimpleWave do the work

Notifications (Premium Feature)

  • Expanded configurations so you can fine tune notifications to match your needs
  • Now includes HEM, Scenes, Switches, Locks, Motion, Security, Sprinklers, Days of History and more
  • Background / Remote notifications fully supported

Devices and Vera Dashboard - 2 step change

  • Currently, SimpleWave for Vera includes any device that you have pinned to your Vera Dashboard
  • This release prepares the foundation that will eventually allow you to see and interact with all devices - pinned or not
  • An upcoming release will expose this new functionality in a way that is designed to provide you with a smooth transition


  • Added support for multiple shades on a single controller

Premium Service

  • Added lower priced 3 month service option
  • Thanks for considering the Premium Service and supporting our ongoing efforts