Simple Vera compatible thermostat for home rentals

In a few months, I’ll be refurbishing flat that is used for Airbnb rental. I’m definitely going to buy some smart home solution (thinking of Vera), mainly to avoid air-conditioner abuse, so I’m looking for some kind of solution.

The flat has 4 bedrooms and one main room. Each of them will have it’s own internal AC unit (inventer), and probably everything will be connected to two multisplit external units. AC units are not right now in a place, so this is also an investment I’m planning to do. If you have some advice on what I need to look for, you are welcome. Right now idea is to buy Daikin model with WiFi.

Every room (in total 5) needs to have a thermostat so that I avoid using IR remote controllers, as they usually get lost. Thermostat needs to be as simple as possible so that guests have only a few options - to change temperature, to change fan speed, and maybe to change mode (heat/cold).

Some options like minimum and maximum temperature need to be blocked so that guests can’t abuse AC.

Every bedroom will have two sensors - one for a door and one for a window. If any of that sensors are in “open” state, AC should turn off after some period (for example, when guests open the door and leave it open, AC from that room needs to be automatically switched off, after 30 seconds - not immediately so that I can avoid compressor shock).

While doors or windows are opened, guest can’t turn on AC of the specific room with the thermostat. Also, the thermostat must be locked so that guest can’t make some kind of “hard reset” of the device and override rules.

Do you have any suggestions which thermostat to buy that is compatible with Vera edge and also that is as simple as possible so that I can block all advanced options so that guests can only modify temperature and fan speed?

Looking forward to any suggestions, and feel free to ask for any additional information.

First off, check with local rental codes / laws for the area. Taking control of a thermostat requires a written policy that should be done by an attorney. This could be viewed as an invasion of privacy. The city I live in can do that within strict guidelines in times of high electric use on the grid. They can never turn it off, just change the setting by 4 degrees.

Personally, when I stay in a hotel I turn the air conditioner down to 62 degrees. I want to sleep in a meat locker if I’m paying for a few nights stay which is always expensive. The best way to avoid a renter like me is to put in an occupancy sensing thermostat. When the sensor recognizes nobody is there, it switches the air conditioner to 70 degrees.

Another alternative is to measure electric usage. You could setup a policy to charge overage fees, but again, get an attorney to write it up.

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Thanks for the answer.

There are no laws in Croatia that forbid turning off A/C. After all, this is exactly the way all hotels are functioning - when you open window, A/C turns off. For hotels it much easier as they have central ducted AC system, and the window is directly connected over relay to vent. As I’m having multisplit ductless units, a have no choice but integrate with some smart home system.

What I was reading I have two choices:

  1. Integrate thermostat that communicates with the hub, but can be restricted only to some functions for guests. As I was reading, Ecobee has that kind of function (Access control), but also have some disadvantages because of AC losses all other functions, and you still need to use your IR remote. Is there any other thermostat that can communicate with ductless multisplit A/C, but that can be restricted to the only few functions

  2. Find A/C that can directly communicate with the hub. I have found that Daikin is the only brand that has plugin for Vera or Smartthings. There was also one post talking about project of integrating homemade WiFi controller to Mitsubishi, and avoid API to their cloud, but I haven’t found any news for the last 9 months.

So, if anyone has any idea how to implement that, you are welcome. I just want control scenes with opening and closing windows, so I definitely need hub. The only problem is how that hub can communicate with ductless multisplit Aircondition. Adapters IR to Z-wave and similar things are not options since on that way I can have only one way communication with A/C, and I need both way communication (in every moment I want to be able to see what is A/C current operation mode).

I would think your only option is to go WiFi.
As far as I’m aware there is no option to wire in a WiFi Thermostat to a ductless split system, if there is I’d be interested in reading about it.

Hopefully someone who has already integrated a WiFi Split can chime in.

Am considering something similar. Perhaps a secure thermostat (SRT321) for temperature control and then Daikin wifi controller to get the setpoint into the air unit?,36531.0.html Your guest will be able to set their level and then you can automate if the house is empty to reduce setpoint etc.

Z-Wave is country divisive meaning their are different frequencies for different countries and zones. Make sure you get a system that is designed for your country.