Simple Timer Wont Run

I just got my Vera 2 yesterday and I am trying setup a simple timer for a table lamp. I have the light set and I can turn it on and off with no problems. When I setup a timer to turn the light on everyday at a certain time the scene does not run.

Am I doing something wrong?

Someone please answer

You need to provide more information about your setup. Within the scene where you created the timer are you also setting the command in the command tab to turn the light on? That is usually all it takes for something that simple…and of course don’t forget to save the scene once you create it!


I got it working. I didn’t realize I had think about timers in military time. Why not just have a 12 clock with am/pm tab?

Takes half of the fun away, trying to figure things out. Especially when you (and me) are new to the HA technology.

I’ll have to disagree with you on this. I think trying to figure things out IS half the fun. The other half of the fun is trying to figure things out again.

LOL, sounds like you may have WAY too much time on your hands :slight_smile: