Simple & Helpful Scenes & Triggers

I hope to compile a list and document rules that work well for anyone anywhere.

Starting with a really simple one:

[ol][li]Create a scene called All Lights OFF.[/li]
[li]Obviously, configure that scene turn off all real lights in your home.[/li]
[li]Save (You now have a scene that turns off all the lights.)[/li]
[li]Install the “Day or Night” plugin.[/li]
[li]Trigger the scene for when the plugin changes to day.[/li][/ol]

The result? You ensure that if any lights are left on overnight, they are turned off when there is plenty of light available. :slight_smile:

Also run my ALL Lights Off at 1:30 am in case I miss some.

I still have a few lights in the house that are not on motion sensors … and those are the ones I forget to turn off …
Or did I get the automation system because I forgot to turn lights out … I forgot!

I do not want to trigger my all lights off scene at dawn, when the the “is_night” changes from night to day. It can still be quite dark for a little while after dawn, and I dislike doing my morning routines and having the lights suddenly go out.

Instead, I run the routine at 8am. It is always fully light by 8am year round in my area, and it allows adequate time for the morning activities to have been completed.

You can always schedule this for something like 1Hour after sunrise.