Simple Example for Heating Two Zones


Name Description
tDownstairsHeater Whenever the Downstairs Heater is turned on
tUpstairsHeater Whenever the Upstairs Heater is turned on


Name Repeat Expression
cAnyHeatRequest No tDownstairsHeater OR tUpstairsHeater
cAllIdle No !tDownstairsHeater AND !tUpstairsHeater


Actions for Condition: cAllIdle
Device Actions:
Device Action Arguments
Boiler Switch SetTarget newTargetValue=0

Actions for Condition: cAnyHeatRequest
Device Actions:
Device Action Arguments
Boiler Switch SetTarget newTargetValue=1

I need to keep two thermostats in the same mode since they are on a two zone system - so both on HEAT, COOL, OFF, but they should still heat or cool based on their own temperature settings. So just syncing ModeStatus between the two - making sure one floor can’t try to heat while the other is cooling.

Device Properties:

SecondFloorMode Second Floor Thermostat ModeStatus
ThirdFloorMode Third Floor Thermostat ModeStatus


ModeMismatch2ndFloorChanged No (SecondFloorMode ne ThirdFloorMode) and (ThirdFloorMode; SecondFloorMode)
ModeMismatch3rdFloorChanged No (SecondFloorMode ne ThirdFloorMode) and (SecondFloorMode; ThirdFloorMode)

ModeMismatch2ndFloorChanged Third Floor Thermostat SetModeTarget NewModeTarget={(SecondFloorMode)}
ModeMismatch3rdFloorChanged Second Floor Thermostat SetModeTarget NewModeTarget={(ThirdFloorMode)}

hi, can you please show me how to accomplish this in Pleg step by step, i am new in pleg i cannot find any guide on how to do this.

Have you looked at:,21603.0.html

i have tryed with this guide, i am able to make some scene in pleg using some lights. but is not working mirroring thermostat for me, it seem i am doing something wrong but i dont know what. so i would like some one explain me how to mirror two thermostat in pleg. step by step