Simple Alarm Notifications

I used to have my Vera 3 running on Ui5, however I just recently changed to Ui7. I used to have the Simple Alarm app installed on my system and used it to Arm and Disarm specific Door/Window Sensors. I used to get notifications sent to my phone when the system was Armed and when it was Disarmed. However, I dont remember how I was able to get these notifications to happen when the Simple Alarm app was in these 2 states. There is no Notification Tab on the Simple Alarm app that will allow me to do this andI cannot find a way to do this via a Scene or via a PLEG Action. Can someone clarify how I was able to do this if they know, or possibly use a LUA script to aceive this in PLEG?

I have tried the My Modes buttons in Ui7 however I do not want all of my Sensors Armed when I choose Away, this is why I use the Simple Alarm App.

I am not familiar with the “Simple Alarm” app you mention.

However in the Vera UI7 Dashboard - My Modes - Choose sensors to arm area you can select which sensors get armed or not when selecting the different House Modes such as Away.

If the modes don’t suit your needs how about a virtual switch? Set one up for each scenario A, B, C, D then write a scene to run when that virtual switch is turned on and another scene for when it is turned off.

There is a plugin for UI7 to allow the creation of virtual switches.