Simon XTi and Vera3

Hello everyone! This is my first post on here and I was wondering if I could get your opinion(s). And Yes, I did do a general search to see if the topic has been discussed before I posted ;).

My question(s)

I was considering doing a Simon XT (FrontPoint)/Vera3 setup in my new house. However, while doing some searching on the net, I came across the Simon XTi system on SafeMart’s website. So, I decided to contact them regarding how it would function with Vera3. From what the technician told me, the XTi has basically all the same functionality as the Vera3, making it an unneeded device as you are able to setup scenes/triggers within Simon XTi/ interface. I guess my question is, is this true? And to follow up, has anyone tried using the Simon XTi with Vera3 yet?


I don’t have the XTi, just an XT.

If this is like the XT, it will do simple tasks, such as turning on lights when you unlock or open a door, turn off lights when you arm the system, turn off the A/C when you arm, turn it back on when you disarm.

It won’t do more complicated things, such as more complex scenes, such as things based on weather/temp/humidity. It also won’t integrate with things like SQ Blaster for A/V control. Vera can also be coded to do certain things based on who is home (perhaps based on the PING sensor, etc) but the XT system can’t.