Shuffle a Playlist?

I dont know if this function is available or not, Ive searched every possible combination of words I could think of for random/shuffle/playlist and cant find it anywhere.

I want to load a playlist into a squeezebox and then shuffle it before playing. Is there a way to do this and I’m just overlooking it? I am able to load and play a playlist/song easily enough…but cant for the life of me figure out how to randomize the playlist…

Thanks for all your help!

I figured out how to get it to work…but still wondering if there is a better way. I poked around in the I_SqueezeboxControl1.xml and saw that there was a command “playlist shuffle” so I just selected command after selecting and adding the device under advanced and in the text box put in “playlist shuffle” (minus quotes of course).

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do on these plugins!

One thing I failed to notice until I fired my scene twice. Just using playlist shuffle without anything after it simply cycles through the shuffle options on the playlist: off, shuffle by song, then shuffle by album, then off, then to shuffle by song, etc

Using an option of 0,1,2 after playlist shuffle allows me to set which one I want discreetly:

0 - shuffle off
1- shuffle by song
2 - shuffle by album

so I just used “playlist shuffle 1” since I wanted it shuffled by song…