show kwh vera edge-fibaro wall plug- widom C

hi all,
i’m form italy and i got some devices. i have vera edge, i add a wall plug fibaro FGWPF-102 and widom energy driven switch C for the total consumption.
I control with the app imperihome.
I can see the active power for fibaro and widom, but i can’t see kwh.
i have to change some parameters (like for aeotec parameter 101 to show kwh)? how can i see kwh for both? is possible to get a counter for kwh?
i add the image i see in vera for devices.
thank you all for the help

the Kwh is displayed in advanced tab under variables to display it on device tab you would have to edit the json

I’m triying to add a Z-Wave device (wiDom energy driven switch C) to the Vera Edge controler and I can’t achieve it.
Geca, could you explain me what you did to setup it?

I’ve same problem a few week ago. In the pass the widom C give me the information on vera UI (, but now the information is no longer available.
Can you help?