Show devices on Google Home?

Hello all. I am a new user and recently purchased a Vera Secure. I have it all setup and currently only have a Kwikset door lock under my devices (will add additional devices soon).

My question is: is there a way to make all devices show on Google Home if they don’t appear as selections under the “Manage Google Home” settings?

I’m also okay with workarounds such as using a different “dashboard” app to view my devices or using some kind of app to communicate device status to Google. Unfortunately, the Vera Mobile app is extremely slow and buggy on my Android phone, and is near unusable.

Hello @Christian_Sarmiento,

Voice Assistant integration with Vera firmware hubs like your Vera Secure is currently working for Google Home.

We would like to let you know that Google home does not support security devices like Door Locks (some devices need to be set up in the Nest app) for security reasons, only binary devices such as lights and switches are available to be controlled through Google Home. You can find more information, at the following link.

In order to set up Google Home to control your devices follow the instructions below (you must have more than one device to control):

  • Open your Vera account through

  • Before clicking on connect, please go to the top right corner and click on the arrow next to the name you can see there.

  • Click on “Manage Google Home”

  • Checkmark the devices you would like to use.

  • Finally, click on “Finish.”

Now, you can access your Google Home account and discover devices:

  • Tap on the + symbol

  • Setup a device

  • Works with Google

  • Search “Vera Smarter Home Control”.

  • Log in with your credentials.

  • Give permissions

I hope it was useful.