Should Vera be Master or Secondary? (Z-Stick as installer?)

I was surprised to find this statement in the ZenSys Protocol Overview:

3.3.2 Static Controller A static controller is a fixed controller that mustn’t change position in the network and has to be powered up all the time (always listening). This controller has the advantage that Routing slaves can report unsolicited status messages to it, and it also has the advantage of always knowing where it is located in the network. A static controller will typically be a secondary controller in a Z-Wave network. An example of a static controller could be an Internet gateway that monitors a Z-Wave system.

I have a Z-Stick, and would love to be able to use it as an ‘installer’. Using the Vera on batteries is a miserable experience, and doesn’t always work. Should I configure the Z-Stick as Master and leave it powered when I’m not using it to add devices?

I use to have an Aeon Labs Z-stick as primary (mControl Software), however when I bought my VeraLite I set that up as primary and sold the Z-stick as I no longer needed it. I haven’t had too many issues with adding new devices to Vera when its in battery mode !