Should I Upgrade To 1.7.3532?

I’m presently running my VeraPlus on 1.7.3232, and after the last firmware rollout that caused SO many problems I’m hesitant to upgrade. Has anybody upgraded to 1.7.3532? Any feedback (good, bad or otherwise)?


Vera support has said that this isn’t required except if you’re on the initial out of the box f/w which is some sort of .17xx or something like that.

Otherwise, don’t bother with it.

Thanks Sammy2. Now HOW do I tell the UI to STOP asking me to upgrade? They need a little checkbox saying “Don’t ask me about THIS upgrade again”, so you don’t get redirected to the FW upgrade page EVERY time you login. :frowning:

I agree with Sammy2. 1.7.3232 has been stable for me. Search the forum—there have been several threads on disabling the update nag. They involve SSHing into your Vera and editing files—don’t know if you are comfortable with doing this? And yes, a checkbox for “Don’t remind me again!” would be wonderful!