Should I upgrade from firmware v46 in my RFXrec433?

I have been running alpha 5 version of the plugin with my RFXrec433 v46, all is well under Vera Lite’s UI5 firmware 1.5.346. I never upgraded my UI5 because I heard the RFXtrx plugin has compatibility issues with the newer .408 firmware. Is this still true?

I was on the board next door to find out an error with installing the datamine plugin and was suggested to upgrade the Vera firmware to .408. So my question is:

If I upgrade Vera to 1.5.408, while keeping alpha 5 and v46, will there be any problem?
If yes, which plugin version should I upgrade to? Alpha 10 or beta 1?
Do I need to upgrade the RFXrec433 firmware?

Thanks very much.

Beta 1 version of my plugin is not impacted by the bug introduced by the Vera firmware version 1.5.408.
By the way, you should now install Vera firmwaere 1.5.622.
Regarding RFXtrx firmware, just avoid firmware v66 as there is a major bug impacting the plugin. But you can install v64 or ask RFXCOM for the future v67 (beta version) that fixes the bug.